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  • Photography by Mr Laurence Ellis
  • Styling by Ms Michele Rafferty

For men who live in a cold climate, a coat is as important an aesthetic statement as a car is to those who live in warm ones. Just as a man pulling up to the restaurant of the moment in Miami will experience either "valet shame" or "Booth One Affirmation", so are we boreal men unfairly judged by our outerwear.

Like a car, your topcoat is the item in which you will be seen most often in public between now and the start of spring; an item with which, for better or worse, you will come to be associated. Whether you play it safe or go all out, the repercussions of your choice will be felt well into the new year. It goes without saying, then, that it's worth giving it some proper thought and investment.

We've simplified things considerably by focusing on just five coats: a single-breasted overcoat, a peacoat, a shearling coat, a camel overcoat and an oversized unstructured coat. This selection, while by no means exhaustive, is representative, we feel, of the options available to men right now, and reflective, too, of the coming season's trends. These, in other words, are the five coats that matter.

To model them, we've called upon the services of five men who all share something in common. The ultimate fall accessory: a head of grey hair. They found some time to offer up their own perspectives on going grey, and how it has affected the way that they dress.

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Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER