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  • Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry
  • Words by Ms Henrietta Thompson, editor at large, Wallpaper*

It's a one-stop shop, a bargain hunter's dream, your every want and need delivered to you at your earliest convenience. The eBay proposition was always a tempting one, and the fact that those once-in-a-lifetime treasures are ever more elusive in what's now a highly professional marketplace just make them a more exciting challenge to seek out.

The bigger the purchase the bigger the potential bargain, but should you turn to eBay when hunting for furniture? Is it the best place to find that set of Wegner Wishbone Chairs you've always wanted, that Prouvé daybed, the Memphis cabinet? Certainly, eBay can still deliver the goods, but the stakes are much higher.

While online furniture shopping has been slow to pick up, in recent years a more confident consumer has emerged, spurred on by furniture e-tailers offering middleman-free prices, and more customer-friendly systems for deliveries and returns. There are more options than ever, but with eBay, you have to put your trust in the seller. Whether you're after mid-century modern or contemporary cast-offs, here are some pertinent pointers to consider.