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  • Illustrations by Mr Joe McKendry

There's that "eureka" moment when you turn a corner in a foreign city to discover a new favourite shop. It often bears the stamp of one or two like-minded individuals, and there are a handful of items that you viscerally want and suspect will be impossible to find elsewhere. That's the sort of thing we're going for here at MR PORTER: a "eureka" moment.

At launch, we offered a selection of just under 100 brands. Three and a half years and seven fashion seasons later, that total now stands at well over 200. The process of more than doubling our roll call has been a slow one, done in increments, with each new season seeing only a few select names added to the roster.

Among the ranks this season, you'll find the makers of the world's most beautiful shoes alongside the latest in wearable tech. You'll see established global fashion brands standing shoulder-to-shoulder with little-known Japanese denim producers. Big or small, new or old, it doesn't matter. There is only one thing governing selection for inclusion within MR PORTER's hallowed walls: desire. If we want it, and we think that you'll want it, it's in.

The "we" in this situation - the crack team of buyers and editors that is collectively responsible for hand-picking this season's new arrivals - have weighed in with their own personal favourites. These are the brands that we want. Click the arrows, above, to find out why.

Words by Mr Chris Elvidge, Senior Copywriter, MR PORTER