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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

Shoes, it is often said, are the first thing women notice about a man's outfit, which is why skimping in the footwear department and shirking on your polishing duties is never a good idea. Put simply, well-made leather shoes require serious care and attention, in much the same way you would maintain your watch or car. Polished shoes project the image of a man who has a grip on the details of life, and there is something almost therapeutic about setting aside time each week to care for your shoes, a process which is infused with the sort of traditional masculinity which is often neglected in modern life.


Polish needs to absorb into the shoe, so using too much creates more work and will result in a residue which will need to be removed with a cloth

After applying polish, shoes must be brushed for buffing. If too much force is used, the leather may become damaged and scratched

Don't begin shining your shoes before a thorough wipe-clean. Also, allow a few minutes for the polish to absorb before buffing, to ensure the leather is properly conditioned and the polish is not simply removed by the brushing

Shoe care isn't just about cleaning and polishing. I suggest always using a shoehorn, as forcing shoes onto your feet will likely stretch the leather and shorten its life. When not wearing your leather shoes, store them on natural wood shoetrees, to retain their shape and absorb moisture

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