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Mr Rosen, 52, is senior partner and self-proclaimed 'building detective' for London property behemoth Pilcher Hershman. Having relocated many of the city's key arts and entertainment figures, including David Bailey, Nick Jones and even The Beatles, Rosen has found friends in all the right places. In property circles, a move isn't a wise move unless it's steered by the Charvet shirt-loving location chief. Here he discusses a few possessions that move him

My father-in-law gave this to me as a present. It's an iconic guitar, the model associated with John Lennon, Pete Townshend and Paul Weller. I only started playing in the past few years and have other guitars, but this is the one that really matters. It's very much of its era and, more importantly, it makes the most amazing jangly sound. If you listen to the early Beatles or The Byrds, there's a jangly sound that the Rickenbacker is known for.
I've collected vinyl ever since I was a kid. There are thousands of them, all lined up along a wall in my house. I've got all the original mono Beatles albums and some really obscure early ska and reggae albums from the late Sixties and early Seventies. They are all real treasures. Luckily, my job crosses into many fields. My very first major client was - and still is - Apple Records, the company set up by The Beatles.
I've had quite a few Astons over the years, but this is the dream model. It has this unique design fusion; the best of Italian design with the best of British Aston engineering. The Zagato family are really fascinating Milanese coachbuilders from the 1940s. It's number 70 out of the 99 that were sold to the public, so as you can imagine it took me a long time to find it. If you look at the back of it and the grill, aesthetically it's absolutely beautiful.
I started wearing these back in the mid-Sixties, when bands like The Beatles made roll necks kind of iconic. Since then it's always been my thing. There's a smartness about them I like, whether you wear them casually with jeans or formally under a suit. It's a piece I go back to time and time again.
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