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Snapshots of Oscar parties past by Mr Jean Pigozzi, photographer, entrepreneur and man about town

For Mr Pigozzi, Oscar night starts with the after-parties, where for over 20 years he has documented the evening's events through his startlingly intimate and honest photographs of the stars - many of whom he is able to call friends. He has selected some of his favourites from his genius book, Catalogue Déraisonné (Steidldangin), for MR PORTER.

How long have you been documenting the antics at the Oscars?
My first party was years ago, during the time Swifty Lazar, a famous Hollywood agent, ran the award parties. He ran them for something like 30 years. It was all very glamorous but very strict and he wouldn't let anyone take any pictures at all. Then Graydon Carter at Vanity Fair took over and it became more relaxed and that's when I started shooting.
Do people enjoy you taking their picture?
I never ask to take people's pictures. I just do it. Sometimes they get annoyed, although to be honest people now get more upset when I'm not taking their picture. They'll ask me, "Why aren't you taking my picture? Is my party no good?"
Which men have really stuck in your mind as innately stylish?
They are usually old Hollywood royalty, people like Michael Douglas and Clint Eastwood. Men that have been wearing black tie for 30 years. The young guys find it harder. Having said that, Leonardo DiCaprio always looks good. A model on your arm usually helps.


Swifty Lazar party,1987
The late entrepreneur Sir James Goldsmith, with magazine editor Laure Boulay de la Meurthe and his daughter Alix Goldsmith. "Jimmy Goldmsith was incredibly charismatic, fun and elegant. But, as you can see here, he was a pig when he ate."
Salman Rushdie and artist Francesco Clemente, 2006
"Francesco is a great friend of mine - extremely stylish. He is actually one of the models I used in the campaign for my label, LimoLand. Salman is not particularly at home in a suit."
Helen Mirren and Stephen Frears, 2007
"They'd picked up an award that night for The Queen. It's great to see the winners parade around with their awards. It's a heavy thing to carry, but they never let go."
George Lucas, 2007
"George probably wears a tuxedo twice a year. The rest of the time he's wearing a plaid shirt with white socks and trainers. He really could not care less about clothes, but he has fantastic hair. He should do commercials."
Rupert Murdoch, Charlie Rose and Barry Diller, 2010
"The most powerful media man in the world, the number one interviewer in the US and the founder of Fox. These men are the kind that interest me. Charlie is an elegant man. Barry is married to Diane von Furstenberg, so fashion is in his life."
TOP snowboarder Shaun White and Lenny Kravitz, 2010
"Lenny is really dressed up here: cufflinks and the whole works. Shaun didn't care. I don't think he owns a suit or has ever put a tie on in his life, but that's fine. It's who he is."
Author Fran Lebowitz and presenter Jay Leno, 2010
"Jay is an American and he always looks like one. He's a big man and he knows what works best. He always looks impeccable. During the day he likes to repair cars but then he turns it around and comes like this."
John Waters and Ed Ruscha, 2010
"Ed is incredibly stylish. He's one of the greatest painters and a lovely man.
He is always perfectly put together whilst looking himself.
John is very funny and elegant."
Michael Chow and his wife Eva Chun, 2010
"Michael has a 1930s thing going on, with his round glasses. He always dresses very well and within his limitations, which is always something to consider."
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez, 2010
"He's a crooner, so he can dress like one. Jennifer always looks perfect too, which helps. You have to dress the way that's right for you. That's the most important thing: not to get lost."
How should men dress for formal evening occasions?
If you are wearing a uniform it should be a traditional uniform.
If not, wear a double-breasted suit with a tie. I hate it when guys
try and make black tie cool and wear it with a black neck tie or something silly. Shoes are important. I like men to wear the classic patent pumps. Socks are another thing that should be considered. American men never wear the right socks. They always go for short socks that show the ankle when you cross your legs. That is not elegant.
Who is the most ravishing woman you have ever encountered at the Oscars?
Anjelica Huston. She knows about clothes. She's always stylish and she knows how to really wear a dress. A lot of these young actresses just look uncomfortable. Some of them can't even walk in heels. Anjelica is perfect, like her father.
Tell us about your new label, LimoLand, whose swimwear we will shortly be stocking at MR PORTER?
I like my pictures in black and white, but I like my life and my clothes to have lots of colour. My designs for LimoLand are full of colour and there is humour in nearly every detail. Things like fashion should be amusing. If you visit my new store in New York, I'm sure it will make you laugh.


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