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The design

A different variation of the "truck driver" knit (as it is known by Maison Martin Margiela) is produced every season. What looks like a simple ribbed knit at first glance is actually created in Italy from fine wool, with a luxurious weight to it. The expert fit and high comfort and quality ensure that this cardigan can be worn for years to come.

The details

The cardigan has a comfortable, tall collar and closes with a high quality YKK zip. On the back, the four white pick stitches used to attach the label are visible. Although these were originally intended to make it easy to remove the label, they have since become a Margiela "signature", since they appear on most garments and many people choose not to remove them.

The influences

Often Maison Martin Margiela's design influence comes from the garment itself, and its construction, cut, material and so on. This micro-level approach, which has given rise to innovative collections including one where garments were blown up to 600x their original size, ensures high attention to detail on the finished product.

The expertise

More than 70 people of 19 different nationalities work at the headquarters in Paris. Mr Margiela himself graduated from the most prestigious Belgian fashion school. Collaboration and teamwork are at the heart of Margiela, which has ensured that output has remained consistent now that Mr Margiela is involved less with the label.


Despite the fineness of the cloth the shirt is made to last, thanks to the hexagonal gussets that reinforce the side seams where they open into the tails. The shirt also features "Purl" buttonholes that protect the fabric from the wear of the Australian mother-of-pearl buttons.

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