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Photography by Mr John Lindquist. Styling by Mr Mark Anthony
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

A wedding makes greater demands on a man's wardrobe than any other occasion. Spotless formality is usually the order of the day, but the celebratory nature of the event, and the romantic possibilities it can offer, call for an expression of personal style within the confines of the dress code. Above, we present five options, covering various levels of formality, from summer chic to black tie. And below, we provide some useful rules to help you with your choices. Enjoy the big day.

10 steps to dressing
for a wedding

Establish the dress code

Work out what it means - "black tie" may be obvious, but things such as "summer chic" are unhelpfully opaque. If in doubt, ask

Consider what, within these parameters, you want to wear

Ask yourself: do I already own these things? If not, order them

Assemble the entire outfit to check it looks good, well before the event itself

Wear new shoes a couple of times before the wedding day so that they're ready to dance in

Ensure the suit is clean and pressed, the shirt laundered, and the shoes polished. This should not be left to the night before

Check the weather forecast - consider wearing a straw hat if sunshine is promised or, alternatively, make sure you have a good umbrella

Remember to pack cufflinks and shirt studs, if your shirt needs them

If you're travelling to the wedding, unpack immediately and hang everything up to minimise creasing