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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

Why spend a day at the shops when you could be on your boat or lounging with a loved one? Leave the hassle to MR PORTER's personal shopper, our highly experienced menswear fit and product specialist, who will assemble and deliver the perfect sartorial package for any occasion, for free. Ladies also are welcome to use the service when shopping for the men in their life. Only a telephone call or an email away, the personal shopper will listen, process and deliver. They are available to dispense informed but impartial suggestions regarding an outfit, or lend a hand to figure out your measurements or arrange a return. That way, you can focus on enjoying your time rather than spending it in the changing room.

Your personal shopper is at your service
for any of the following queries...

What's my size?

Your personal shopper will promptly advise you on your size based on the items already in your wardrobe and your lifestyle. It's not a lengthy process involving tape measures and prodding tailors

How do I place an order quickly?

If you don't want to go through the internet checkout, then your personal MR PORTER shopper will process your entire order verbally over the telephone. They will collect payment and make sure your delivery arrives where and when you want it

I just need help this once...

If you find yourself stuck with a certain sartorial conundrum, such as what to wear for a job interview, MR PORTER's personal shopper is happy to offer advice even if he never hears from you again

What suits me?

The more information you give regarding both yourself and the occasion you are dressing for, the more the personal shopper will have to work with. Sharing a photo would be very welcome, but is not necessary. The more there is to work with, the more targeted your personal shopper's response to your request can be

What else might I like?

You may think you only like one brand, but repetition is the mother of boredom. Tell your personal shopper what you like, and he might just think of something similar-but-different enough to broaden your sartorial spectrum within the confines of your personal taste

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