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Photography by Mr Darren Soh

Born and raised in Singapore, 35-year-old Mr Peh is the creative director of design agency, &Larry. The studio has collaborated with the likes of Sony and approaches projects believing that art and design should not exist in separate spheres. Like his design icon, Mr Charles Eames, Mr Peh believes you should "take your pleasure seriously", and this philosophy can be seen in the joyful aesthetic that permeates his many product designs and brand concepts.

Tell us about your work. What do you do and why?
I am creative director, owner and founder of &Larry, a creative studio that specialises in branding, design and advertising. We design and build our very own locally inspired objects as part of our ongoing self-initiated projects. I believe I can make a difference to Singapore's creative and design culture, and I hope to be an inspiration to current and future generations.
Why do you live in Singapore?
I grew up in Singapore and my family and friends are here. It's one of the safest places in the world where you can focus all your attention on building a family and business with ease. Being such a tiny island and country, everything is super-efficient and fast. My only lament is that shopping is not very exciting.
Where do you like to go in Singapore?
Unfortunately, I am extremely homebound and seldom go out. But when I do, I often seek out old coffee shops somewhere near Dunlop Street. I also try to go to the back of the touristy Boat Quay stretch, which faces the Singapore River, where I find real food at a fraction of what those restaurants near the river charge. I visit Dempsey Road (formerly the British army barracks) for nice restaurants and galleries in the evening.


We designed this paperknife and I use it every day, and I'm a fan of ECM's album sleeves (the book is Sleeves of Desire). The sunglasses are from Dita. As for the H Moser & Cie watch, it's not an obvious choice for a designer like me. But that's why I love it
These are some of my favourite records from ECM, such as Keith Jarrett and Susumu Yokota, whom I consider to be two of the best ambient musicians after Brain Eno
More great works from photographers such as Jonathan Frantini and DC Chang. The handmade lamp (from Anything But Red) is a tribute to my artistic friends who often lament the censorship in Singapore. Far right is a vintage-moulded plywood leg splint from Charles and Ray Eames
Why do you keep your work space this way?
When I moved in five years ago, I only had a table and a chair. I tried not to force design into the office and let it grow organically. For instance, I am willing to mix recycled furniture in mismatched colours and materials with designer classics.
What did you want to be when you were young?
I dreamt of becoming a Chinese comic book artist. I love kung fu comics from Hong Kong and I tried to imitate their illustrations. I taught myself how to draw and paint at a young age.
How did &Larry come about and what was the idea behind it?
I split with my partner in a previous joint venture. I had had at least three assistants and started &Larry all by myself. I figured that I needed to collaborate with others in order to achieve bigger things, so I left a void in front of my name and handed over the spotlight to my collaborators.
What are your five work essentials?
Glasses, computer, a task light, a good chair and most importantly, air conditioning.
What are you listening to at the moment?
Lately, lots of Bill Evans. I fell in love with Everybody Digs Bill Evans the moment I heard the song 'Peace Piece' from 1958.
If you could have designed anything in the world, what would it have been?
The World Wide Web. It's such a wonderful invention that binds us - and blinds us - at the same time.
What makes you get up in the morning?
My family, my work, fashion and music.