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Men of note - Mr Robert Plant
Mr Ronnie Vannucci
The Killers drummer is stepping out from behind his kit with his solo debut Big Talk. Here, Las Vegas born and bred Mr Vannucci, 35, tells us about the tracks that inspired his summery carefree rock songs.
'High Fidelity'

"This is one of his older tracks, but the sound, the mood and the emotion of the lyrics still do it for me. I like the way Elvis sings the words 'high fidelity' - you almost can't understand what he's saying."
'Alex Chilton'
The Replacements

"I can remember being in the eighth grade and calling the local college radio station, asking them to play this song. The chorus starts out with the words 'children by the million/wait for Alex Chilton' - the way [lead singer and songwriter] Paul Westerberg rhymes certain words is really cool."
'Handle With Care'
The Traveling Wilburys

"I've always been a huge fan of George Harrison and everyone else in that band - Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan and Tom Petty. George Harrison and all The Beatles had a musical sensibility I could really identify with. I love their melodies."
'Learning to Fly'
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

"I first heard this song when I was about 10 years old. It's about growing up, failure and not giving up - basic human stuff. I don't take things too seriously - I think that if you do, you strangle what you're going after. If you keep persevering, and enjoying that process, then you're living. To me, that's what the song is about."
'Fine Line'
Paul McCartney

"McCartney played almost all the instruments on this record. It's got some really good tension, which is brought on by dissonance that gets you to a great chorus. I like the way the mood changes in the song."
Big Talk, the album, will be released on 18 July