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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

No longer considered a thing of stuffy formality, the bow tie has come into its own as an accessory that works in all occasions. Championed by British TV actor Mr Matt Smith in his role as the alien-battling Doctor Who, it's an easy way to sharpen up a jacket and shirt. Put aside concerns it will droop south, loll to one side or end up twisted like a Danish pastry; although an accessory synonymous with the most august of thinkers - Mr Winston Churchill, Mr Karl Marx and Mr Sigmund Freud, to name a few - the art of tying a bow tie is surprisingly straightforward. A few patient steps and you can bid farewell to frustrated fiddling in front of the mirror.



It's not brain surgery, but tying a bow requires a degree of dexterity. This isn't the same as slinging on a scarf; set aside a few minutes for it and take your time

Tight spot

After you've got your bow tie in place, there's a temptation to tie it too tight to ensure it stays put. Bunched up collars and a choked throat will be the result. If it's tied correctly, there should be no danger of it unravelling

Some bows worth tying