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Men of note - Mr Robert Plant
'The Wilhelm Scream'
With a critically acclaimed album that debuted this year, Mr Blake, 21, the son of singer and guitarist Mr James Litherland, has become the darling of the dubstep scene with his melodic and soulful vocals. Distilling techno's digital rhythms while infusing balladry, the producer and singer-songwriter shares the tracks on his current playlist.
'Gnossienne No. 5'
Erik Satie

"I love this simply for the melody in the right hand which always soars for longer than you initially expect. In Satie there is almost always grace and accessibility amid the strangeness."
'Three Elegies for Nine Clarinets'
Gavin Bryars

"My favourite use of the instrument. There is patience in how it develops, each one becoming more rhythmic and beautiful. I love especially the moment at which the third section starts - the introduction of pulsing and rhythmical broken chords."
'If It's Magic'
Stevie Wonder

"The production here is fascinating. I'm endlessly inspired by the vocal sound on this record and its swirling nebula of instrumentation. It makes me want to record every time I listen to it."
'Black Christ of the Andes (St Martin de Porres)'
Mary Lou Williams

"A harmonically rich a cappella arrangement sung with incredible poise. I would have loved to see Mary Lou Williams live."

"This reminds me of how good a jazz double bassist can sound, without having one. It keeps a pulse with the minimum amount of parts necessary to do so, and sends my thoughts to a unique place. Klaus has an incredibly subtle and beautiful, but off kilter, sense of harmony."
Mr Blake plays Field Day, London, UK, 6 August; the Berlin Festival, Berlin, Germany, 9 September; and Webster Hall, New York, US, 5 October among other international venues