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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

The philosopher Mr Roland Barthes once said: "To eat steak rare... represents both a nature and a morality." A hearty piece of succulent meat is simultaneously straightforward and indulgent, and equally the most primal and sophisticated way to satisfy one's appetite. The steak represents every gentleman's shared culinary history: enjoyed by cavemen, emperors and businessmen alike. Ms Cameron Diaz has said she is more than partial to the dish, and should you be partial to a charming woman like her, here are the secrets to how to delight her (at least in the kitchen), courtesy of one of London's best and most elegant steakhouses, the Hawksmoor. Lest one think cooking is anything less than the best way to flaunt one's masculinity, consider that the restaurant's head chef Mr Turner spent six years in the British Army before he tackled the challenges of the steak.

some common mistakes
Being fussy

Steaks have so much in-built flavour. Lavish seasoning conceals this. Simply always use sea salt and don't be stingy

Being stingy

While portion control is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, generous amounts of meat ensure a fine steak. Cut the meat at least 3cm thick, with 5cm being the ideal thickness

Being restles

An unrested steak is as disappointing as under-brewed tea. When it's out of the pan, keep it at 60°C or in as warm a place as you can find for at least ten minutes