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Men of note - Mr Robert Plant
Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"NY Excuse"
Having remixed tracks for everyone from Daft Punk and LCD Soundsystem to Mr David Bowie and Muse, Mr Dewaele (above left) knows a thing or two about what goes into making a good tune. Revealing a refreshing and "deep appreciation for French music from different eras", he shares his inspirations.
"Chacun Fait (c'qui lui plaît)"
Chagrin d'Amour

"This is a funny little one-hit wonder from 1981. It contains all the elements necessary to be absolutely terrible and yet somehow it makes for one of the coolest pieces of music in French history."
"Tout Est Cassé Tout Est Mort"
VÉronique Sanson

"This has that typical melodic mix of melancholic verses with an uplifting yet minor chorus that can only be French. Incidentally, Véronique ended up leaving Michel Berger [French singer-song writer] for Stephen Stills [American rock musician] a few years later, and their love story remains an iconic part of pop history."
"Sensuelle et Sans Suite"
Serge Gainsbourg

"You can't make a list of French tracks and not have some Serge in it. Most people know his Melody Nelson album by now and this song is the last track on the 1973 follow-up. The whole thing is full of witty wordplay and yet at the same time is quite dark."

"Jacno was an ex-punk icon who made a strange transition to female synth pop music with Elli Medeiros [Uruguayan singer and actress] and Lio [a Portuguese singer]. Clearly inspired by Kraftwerk, he made a collection of beautiful and odd gems. He stole his name from the guy who designed the Gauloises cigarette packets."
"Le Temps Balance Nonchalant"
Jeanne-Marie Sens

"Recorded in 1979, this track is so beautiful and the production is amazing. Another one of those songs you could never imagine being anything but French, yet when you listen to the groove, it could've been something off a Robert Palmer album."
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