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United States
Photography by Mr John Lindquist | Styling by Mr David Lamb
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

The term "soft jackets" refers to those with little or no padding on the shoulders, which are consequently softly structured in appearance, and follow the natural line of the shoulders. This kind of construction is associated with Neapolitan tailoring, and with the traditional American tailoring worn by the East Coast elite in the post-war period - the natural shoulder was an important part of the American "sack suit", which was popular among Ivy League circles. We like this style because it offers the comfort of a cardigan combined with the smartness of a jacket, and it helps to accentuate a tall, sleek silhouette by eliminating any unnecessary bulk at the shoulders. Worn with a t-shirt and jeans, any of these soft jackets are the perfect partner to a lazy lunch date in London's Town Hall hotel.