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Photography by Mr Jermaine Francis | Styling by Natasha Wray
Words by Mr Stephen Doig

Luckily for her (and us) Ms Gedmintas knows a thing or two about good corsetry. Fresh from starring in Showtime's huge historical drama series The Tudors, the 28-year-old rising actress is being laced up once again for her turn in Sky Atlantic's new period series, The Borgias. Set in 15th-century Italy, it sees Ms Gedmintas (her exotic name comes from her Lithuanian father) play the tormented adulteress Ursula Bonadeo alongside Mr Jeremy Irons and Mr Derek Jacobi. This autumn, she continues to expand her repertoire, by playing the girlfriend of 'the fifth Beatle' Stuart Sutcliffe in new play Backbeat showing at London's Duke of York's Theatre.

You just finished filming The Borgias. What was it like working with Mr Jeremy Irons?
I found it fascinating to watch how Jeremy works - he's so attuned to finding the right angle. He knows so much about light and the camera and how it changes your facial features. It was really eye-opening.
If you could play any role, who would you play and why?
It has to be Blanche DuBois in A Streetcar Named Desire. She's just the ultimate. Give me a few years though. It's funny - on a recent trip to New Orleans I got conned when booking an apartment and ended up with nowhere to stay. I put a note out on Facebook basically saying "please help me" and eventually someone saved the day. I thought it was perfectly Blanche, going to New Orleans and relying on the kindness of strangers.
Describe your ideal date.
It has to be fun, spontaneous and completely random. It's about being mischievous. I once had a great date where I discovered all the new, exciting places in London I'd never heard of, from an underground Brazilian bar in Covent Garden to hidden away restaurants. Their names? I can't give away my secrets.
Where are your favourite places to dine out, home and away?
I love Vanilla Black, the Michelin recommended restaurant in London's City district. I love artistry in food, where you don't know quite what you are eating but it looks incredible on the plate. One of my favourite places in America to eat is Vegan Glory in LA. It's completely ramshackle and run down, but the food is out of this world.
Worst chat up lines?
They don't work for me. As long as you're not serious, you're OK. Anyone being too earnest is going to fail. Whatever you do, don't try to be all worthy. Be funny. That's always a winner with me.
If a guy is buying you a gift, what's the best kind of gift a girl can get?
A surprise. Something that has taken some thought is always pretty lovely... doesn't matter what it is.
What do you notice about a man's appearance?
His shoes, straight away. Whether they are big biker boots, scuffed trainers or polished brogues, shoes will always make me wonder what he does. I'm attracted to a more relaxed, rock'n'roll style or a very slick 1970s look. Anyone who creates an outfit in a certain style, that's what I remember.
What things in a man's wardrobe would turn you off?
Speedos! They make men look as if they've got hinges and should definitely be avoided.
What five pieces of clothing should every man own?
I love trilbies. I think a hat shows that someone has thought about how they are going to put an outfit together. I don't like a guy who is too styled, but if he's thought about what he's wearing, I assume he might be creative. A great pair of black boots slung on with some jeans looks really cool, and a man who can pull off a pair of brown brogues is all right by me. I've been a fan of the leather jacket ever since I saw Rebel Without a Cause, and a sharp-fitted suit is an essential... all men look great when they jazz it up a bit.