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Photography by Mr AJ Numan | Styling by Mr Mark Anthony
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

There is a competitive advantage to dressing well for work. However, unless you own the company, the office is not the place for peacock displays, but rather the place where a man needs to be dressed appropriately every day. This is the arena in which a man should always be impeccable, where every element must hold its own and send the right message. Save the "amusing" socks for the weekend, the "crazy" tie for parties and the "ironic" wallet for the holidays.

Instead focus on the messages that your boss and your clients want to hear - that you're well put together, organised, faultlessly groomed, reliable, capable of independent thought and have great taste. The way your clothes look and fit should suggest that you're energetic and vivacious, rather than tired and complacent. It's important to exude class, but to stop short of flamboyance.

Think of your working wardrobe the way a soldier thinks about his uniform, and make it a source of pride rather than a chore. By focusing on the quality of your clothes, as well as the look, you subtly telegraph ambition - it's about dressing for the job you want, rather than the job you already have. Your efforts will be noticed and, hopefully, rewarded. Here Mr Anton Torsten, an art collector from Stockholm, shows us how it's done.