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While the histories of many of our greatest classic cocktails are shrouded in mystery and legend (presumably due to the fact that seasoned drinkers often forget to write things down), none is quite as famously enigmatic as the origins of the iconic Martini cocktail. There are as many variations of this mixology classic as there are cocktail books to record them, however one of my favourite gentlemanly variations of the archetypal dry gin Martini is called the Tuxedo No. 2 or Turf Club Cocktail. My take on it was inspired by Mr Harry Craddock's Savoy Cocktail Book, which was published in 1930.

Things to remember...

Choose right

Use a gin that has some body and texture but highlights the spirit's quintessential ingredient: juniper berries

Stir well

Use a mixing glass and bar spoon to gently stir the drink for the purposes of mixing, chilling and diluting the ingredients, while keeping oxygen out. This will ensure you maintain the silky smooth texture inherent in the spirits

Go fresh

Many people shy away from adding vermouth to this classic, which is why the nouveau dry Martini has taken hold. However, for a beautifully fresh addition use Dolin or Noilly Prat vermouth and keep the bottle closed and chilled after opening

Stirred not shaken

Use too little ice and under stir and the drink will not be cold enough, while over stirring will dilute the drink. We stir simply to get the drink cold, mix the ingredients, and to add some water to the final product

and what to wear while enjoying your efforts