Shipping to
United States
Photography by Mr Chris Brooks | Styling by Ms Sarianne Plaisant
Words by Ms Jodie Harrison

In search of grooming guidance MR PORTER asked five men - three creatives, one an athlete, one a businessman, and all of them inveterate globe trotters - to name the products on which they rely. Each of them came up with a list of the interesting, effective and expensive ointments, creams, lotions and sprays that they use. There is a great pressure on these men, whether they're presenting their designs at fashion shows (Mr Grant and Mr Muytjens), running Cartier in the UK (Mr Le Troquer), photographing for Vogue and Vanity Fair (Mr Friedman) or playing polo and appearing in Ralph Lauren ad campaigns (Mr Figueras), to look their best; these products have to perform. Need we mention that unguents of this calibre deserve to be transported in a wash bag of equal quality?