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Photography by Mr Guy Aroch | Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Appearances can be deceptive; this is not a series of previously unseen photographs of the young Sir Mick Jagger. Rather it is an homage to the Rolling Stones singer created exclusively by MR PORTER and New York fashion label, rag & bone.

"When we saw the musician and model, Jonatan Frenk, performing, we were struck by his likeness to the young Mick Jagger," explains Mr David Neville, who, with Mr Marcus Wainwright, founded rag & bone in 2002. "Mick is an iconic Brit and his style is awesome in the early pictures of the Stones. We were shooting on the streets of New York, so it was a play on the idea of England meets New York, which is what rag & bone is about."

The founders of rag & bone are themselves Brits in New York. Mr Neville and Mr Wainright both attended Wellington College, an English boarding school, before working in New York as, respectively, an investment banker

and a telecoms entrepreneur. In 2002, when they were in their late twenties, they decided to step into a completely new industry and set up a fashion label. "We didn't have any fashion training," remembers Mr Neville. "We just had a dream about making clothes and creating a brand. We started with jeans. We worked with a denim factory in Kentucky, which was a very authentic old American workwear producer." It was four years before rag & bone took off. "We worked out of our homes for quite a long time and bounced along the bottom - only in 2006 did we get our first office and our first employee," says Mr Neville. "It's good not to be packing UPS boxes anymore, but you have to experience that to be hungry enough to achieve your ambitions." With four stores in Manhattan, and a successful women's range alongside the men's range, it is safe to assume Mr Neville no longer deals with the courier company.

Sir Mick Jagger, 1 January, 1965

Instead he can enjoy the more creative side of his business, such as working with Radiohead singer Mr Thom Yorke on soundtracks for rag & bone fashion shows. "It's pretty amazing considering what a genius he is," says Mr Neville. "He composes music and puts together a soundtrack. We've made clothes for him in the past and he and Marcus are good friends." It's not the only example of rag & bone's involvement with music; Brooklyn band (although they're originally from Cincinnati) The National mentions the brand in the chorus of "Sorrow", the second song on last year's High Violet album.

None of this, according to Mr Neville, would have been possible if the brand wasn't based in New York. "The city is an extremely important part of rag & bone," he says. "We would never have been able to do this anywhere but here; there's a spirit of opportunity and encouragement; if you have a crack at it you have a chance of succeeding."