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Illustrations by Ms Anje Jager

For the busy man on the go, looking for a way to speed up his morning routine, one of the easiest ways to gain valuable minutes is by creating a wardrobe that is as methodically organised as your schedule. Arranging your clothes in a logical manner will not only make putting outfits together much easier, it will no doubt impress any passing ladies that happen to peer into your closet (it happens). Be warned, this is not a task to be rushed and for the best results I suggest devoting a full morning or afternoon, particularly if you have a lot of clothes. Don't go too far of course, no one likes a man who colour coordinates his socks and finger-spaces his hangers. That's just creepy.

Some things to remember...

The bottom half of most wardrobes is a much neglected area that can actually double the amount of storage space available to you. If your wardrobe is particularly tall you could consider installing a second rail under the first rail. If space is limited, invest in storage boxes to hold items that you wear less often. This is also an ideal space to stack shoe boxes. Try for good storage solutions.

Don't forget your chest of drawers - store clothes you wear every day, such as socks and underwear, up top and rarely worn items at the bottom.

Consider folding clothes that you have traditionally hung - there is no reason that jeans cannot be folded on a shelf if you are short of space.

Store out-of-season clothing such as heavy sweaters and ski clothes in storage boxes (try for chic canvas ones) or suitcases above your wardrobe or under your bed. If space is at a premium consider investing in vacuum storage bags - after placing clothing in the bag use your vacuum cleaner to suck the air out before sealing. Not only are they an ingenious space-saving solution, they protect against dust mites, moisture and dust.

For anyone who's had their cashmere eaten by moths, cedar balls are the perfect deterrent - pop one among your knitwear to be safe rather than sorry. If you're particularly precious about your cashmere, invest in transparent storage bags for extra protection from the little blighters.

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