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The boots are made by hand in Diemme's workshop in Onè di Fonte, Italy. It takes six hours to make each pair of boots, with around 50 processes involved, from the cutting of the leather through to the final polishing. Diemme's founders, Messrs Maico and Dennis Signor, still work in the production hall alongside their employees.


The boots are crafted from approximately 0.5sqm of durable, full-grain leather sourced from the nearby tannery, Conceria Emmedue. The boots are fully lined with leather, while the padded tongue and inner lining provide stability and comfort. All components are made in Italy.


The upper part of the boot is sewn and glued to the "middle sole" before this is attached by stitching to the main Vibram rubber sole, with the upper part "turned out" at the bottom and stitched on to the ledge of the sole to provide a watertight seal. Furthermore, the tongue is gusseted so water will not permeate the top of each boot.


The rubber soles are supplied by the leading Italian manufacturer Vibram, which specialises in high-performance soles for clients including the military and emergency services. The slip-resistant Begonia Morflex soles used on these boots strike a balance between flexibility and bounce which is ideal for city wear and all but the longest walks.

Photography by Mr Michael Bodiam | Words by Mr Peter Henderson
"We are proud to have Diemme handmade in Italy, using all Italian and European materials to guarantee a highly comfortable and durable product"
Messrs Dennis and Maico Signor, founders, Diemme

More than half of the world's mountaineering boots and 75% of ski boots are produced in the town of Montebelluna, in north Italy, a hub for the production of outdoor footwear since the 19th century. Diemme is based in this area and is known for its boots that are smart enough to wear in the city (and have a certain urban cool about them) while retaining serious practicality credentials. Being located in Onè di Fonte just outside Montebelluna enables the firm to profit from the strong network of specialist local suppliers, from leather tanneries to hardware producers, which originally sprung up to meet demand for outdoor footwear suitable for the region's mountainous terrain.

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Founded in 1992 by brothers Messrs Maico and Dennis Signor, Diemme draws upon the region's boot making heritage and the brothers' expertise (both grew up working in the local footwear industry) to produce high-quality mountaineering, trekking, military and hunting boots. With the construction and performance of the boots perfected, it was the start of an ongoing collaboration with the Norwegian design firm, Blender Agency, in 2010 that provided the serious style injection evident on the pairs stocked by MR PORTER. Rugged and practical, yet stylish (and brilliant teamed with jeans), Diemme boots are made by hand, a process which sees approximately six hours of work behind each pair.