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Men of note
Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"I Can See Through You"
The horrors
As lead vocalist of British alternative rock outfit The Horrors, and one half of retro pop duo Cat's Eyes, Mr Badwan has been involved with four critically applauded albums - and all at the rather green age of 25. With so many influences behind his ever-changing sound, we tasked him with selecting the five tunes that stir him.


"This track is totally essential for anyone into drone rock. Sleep's single-track album is one of the heaviest, most hypnotic things I've heard. All the best things about Black Sabbath slowed down and stretched out into an incredible hour of evening listening."
"Station to Station"
David Bowie

"One of the many reasons to love David Bowie. The title track is the standout on a great record, and it never drags even at ten minutes long. Bowie's ability to arrive on a scene and make a record that puts every one of his peers to shame is unparalleled."
"You Really Got Me"
The Kinks

"I guess everyone knows this song. I was five years old the first time I heard it on my uncle's car radio in Jordan. He was driving me to a toy shop - without my parents' knowledge - to buy a cap gun, and I was very excited about it. He didn't make me wear a seat belt, either. It was a real feast of rebellion."
"The End"
Sibylle Baier

"The obscure 1970s folk LP on which this track appears is only a recent discovery but I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. The way Sibylle winds her lyrics around a melody is totally beguiling and the fact she recorded herself at home with the sole intention of playing it to a few friends makes me all the more thankful to have heard it. Sibylle makes a cameo appearance in Wim Wenders' road movie Alice in the Cities."
"Driving in That Car (With the Eagle on the Hood)"
Royal Trux

"This is one of Royal Trux's darker, nastier offerings and it really takes hold of you. It's from my favourite record of theirs, Cats and Dogs. It's exciting when you come across a band that totally live their music and transmit their whole personality through the songs. You can hear it in the Cramps, you can hear it in Syd Barrett and you can definitely hear it in Royal Trux."

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