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Photography by Mr Laurence Ellis | Styling by Toby Grimditch
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Musician, model, father - and the son of Rolling Stones guitarist Mr Ronnie Wood, the younger Mr Wood has an easy cool about him that speaks of his status as a second-generation rock'n'roller. He puts that cool to good use here, as he demonstrates how to dress up this season's lean casual styles, and how to inject some attitude into more formal clothes.

Our conversation started, unsurprisingly, on the subject of music. Mr Wood is currently in a band called Swan - formerly The Black Swan Effect - with Mr Kenwyn House and Mr Dominic Greensmith from the English group Reef, and Mr Gareth Hale. "My dad and my uncles are all musicians," says Mr Wood. "I have that blood flowing in me." Swan specialise in a modern take on rock'n'roll, with a hint of Radiohead in the mix, and Mr Wood is also on the cusp of a new line of musical work, which he's characteristically modest about. "I'm going to start doing a bit of DJing," is all he'll say.

Perhaps as a result of his job description, Mr Wood takes a relaxed approach to style. "I'm pretty casual, because I'm a musician. I mainly wear jeans, Converse sneakers and T-shirts. I've got that laid-back rock'n'roll look."

At MR PORTER we set a lot of store by the kind of jeans a man wears, and wholeheartedly applaud Mr Wood's choice: "Good old Levi's 605 Orange Tabs."

However, even rockers need to dress up sometimes, and when the occasion calls for it Mr Wood goes for a suit by one of Britain's foremost designers. "Paul Smith does a great cut and nice linings," he explains. "It's nice to put on a suit and slick your hair back." Growing up the son of a Rolling Stone has provided Mr Wood with role models for dressing up, as well as dressing down. When asked who's the best-dressed man he knows he immediately replies, "Charlie Watts". The Stones drummer is, according to Mr Wood, "incredibly dapper and a charming gentleman. If he ever comes up to you and says, 'I like what you're wearing', you really remember that moment. It's happened to me just a few times."

Away from his work Mr Wood spends time with his girlfriend, the broadcaster Ms Fearne Cotton, and his two young children. Like many Londoners he's loyal to his part of town, mentioning two restaurants (The Electric and Julie's) in nearby Notting Hill as favourites. Given the knitwear and coats he models in the photographs I ask how he feels about the approach of winter. It holds no fear for Mr Wood because, he explains, "It's my birthday in a couple of weeks, so it's all tied in with that for me." Despite having two young children Mr Wood remains fresh faced; just how old is he going to be? "I'll be 35," he says. "It gets better for us guys, doesn't it?"