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Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

Ms Mellon knows how to transform a man. In 1996, she invested £150,000 in London-based cobbler Jimmy Choo, co-founding a brand now worth £500m with 100 shops in 32 countries. With the new Jimmy Choo men's line, Ms Mellon has found a way to upgrade a man (or at least his wardrobe) without needing to spend quite so much. A former Vogue accessories editor, Ms Mellon approaches men's design by conceiving styles based on different kinds of modern types - financiers, actors and artists. The line offers a pair of shoes for all of them, but consistently employs the finest quality leathers and craftsmanship with which the brand has become synonymous. Regardless of their profession, Ms Mellon tells us how every man should own a classic pair of lace-up leather shoes, some sneakers and the perfect motorcycle boots. Shoes, she maintains, are the first thing women notice about men, and here she tells us exactly how to garner the right sort of attention when it comes to our footwear.