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Words by Mr Peter Henderson

In the third episode of our video series, we meet Mr Sean Avery, a professional ice hockey player for the New York Rangers. The worlds of fashion and sport are closely related in many respects, but Mr Avery is rare in being a successful athlete (regarded by many as one of the NHL's best players) who also harbours a desire to work in fashion. He has not only interned at American Vogue magazine and guest-edited the Men's Vogue website, but also hopes to become a fashion editor when he retires from the ice. Here, the Toronto-born 31-year-old, who currently resides in New York City (where he also owns a bar called Warren 77), offers up his views on dressing for a big city. "When you walk into Madison Square Garden every night, it gives you this feeling like there's something very special going on here [in New York] and I always try to have my clothes reflect that." Discover more of his views on style by watching the film above.