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Mr Calderwood, 43, is the co-founder of Ace Hotels, the hip American hotel chain he launched in Seattle in 1999. With stylish outcrops now in Portland, Oregon and New York City (and with new plots due to open soon), Mr Calderwood spends more time than most on planes, trains and automobiles. So how does the professional traveller solve the quandary of what to take? Here, he reveals some of his most treasured travel companions.

I always take my black A.P.C. windbreaker when I travel. It folds up small and has good pockets; the front pocket fits my passport and foreign currency perfectly. It works well in a variety of weather situations and is stylistically versatile.

Hooded Windbreaker
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As a rule I hate suitcases with wheels and so for the last 10 years I have opted instead for a duffle bag. Lately though my back has been telling me to ease-up and succumb to some wheels and I must admit, it's made things a lot easier. In my opinion, the Filson model is one of the best-looking yet functional duffles with wheels. It is now my regular companion on the road.
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This fits perfectly in my tote bag, and is light and compact. Travelling with a laptop was never my thing as I like to delve into books and magazines on flights, but my MacBook Air makes for a very no- nonsense travel companion. I also do a lot of my work on the go and this laptop is light and thin and doesn't weigh me down.

It's the best bag I have ever used. It's sturdy, which is important since I always board the plane with a heavy stack of reading materials, and the handles and body of this tote endure the heaviest weight. I also carry my MacBook Air in my tote, as it allows for smoother navigation of security points. Pockets are also important when you travel, and this bag has plenty of them - perfect for my passport and money.

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The Essentials - The 31 items every man should own