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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
Released in October this year, Real Estate's second album, Days, has afforded the New Jersey indie outfit widespread acclaim. This is unsurprising attention for the three-piece, whose air of instant familiarity comes from their dreamy, nostalgic sound. Hit play on track "Municipality" above - you'll see what we mean. Here, lead singer Mr Martin Courtney takes us through his top five inspirational tracks

"That's The Punchline"

"The production and arrangements, as showcased on this track, are what sets this band apart. The way they use the guitars so sparingly and that amazing piano sound they employ on their whole first album is fantastic."
"Femme Fatale"

"This is a cover of the Velvet Underground tune and is from Big Star's third album. Alex Chilton's voice is great, and the French backing vocals are a nice touch. Perfect for night-time driving."
"Leaving This Town"
The Beach Boys

"Kind of a weird Beach Boys song; I don't think it's even sung by an original member. It's a really soulful ballad with a great chord progression, really good backup vocals and an inexplicable two-minute synth solo right in the middle."

"We didn't name our record after this song, but it is definitely a favourite among all of us. Bryan Waterman mentioned "Days" in his book on Television's debut album, Television's Marquee Moon - 33 1/3, as a sort of jumping-off point for modern indie rock. It's definitely an inspiring song for us."
"Happy When it Rains"
The Jesus and Mary Chain

"I only recently got into this band but feel like I've always known their music. It's like when you see a scene in a movie or read something in a book and finally understand a reference from The Simpsons from when you were a kid."
Real Estate are currently touring Europe. Check out dates here