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Words by Mr Bill Prince

Those familiar with the idea that experiences have become the new souvenirs will be aware of 'experiential' travel. But the opportunity to tackle one's personal goals, or simply voyage to the farthest reaches of the imagined realm, is being replaced with an even more potent form of vacationing: 'immersive travel'. This involves intensely experiencing one's surroundings while enjoying a high-end break. 'IT' can take many forms, but all involve being placed in the hands of a new breed of travel companies that create one-off experiences and off-piste encounters. There's a growing band of travellers eager to go off-map for a few days, weeks, or even months.

Whether you want an old-school, two-week sojourn through the highlands of Kenya with the new-school addition of powerful Eurocopters, refuelling via a series of fuel dumps scattered throughout the countryside (as Mr Ralph Lauren and his family reportedly did two years ago), or simply want to get beneath the culinary skin of LA's Koreatown on a mentored 'tasting tour' (sure beats Universal Studios), there's almost certainly an immersive travel company willing to take your booking. Here are MR PORTER's pick of the best.