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Photography by Mr Dylan Don | Styling by Mr Robert Rabensteiner
Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

Although Mr Sven Schumann only started his online magazine The Talks four months ago, the interview-based title already boasts an impressive roster of subjects including Mr Jack Nicholson, Ms Meryl Streep and Sir Mick Jagger. Based in Berlin and also a writer for the likes of GQ, Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, Mr Schumann, 29, and The Talks co-founder Mr Johannes Bonke, offer their readers a candid but clever interview style with refreshingly unselfconscious results.

"We post a new interview every week," explains Mr Schumann. "I've realised that talking to older men with very eventful and successful lives makes for the most rewarding experience as they're not too scared of saying anything 'wrong' - they just say what they mean and what they care about, with no concern for PR."

Although Mr Schumann says he was particularly fond of the Yves Saint Laurent tuxedo shirt and Burberry coat he wore in this MR PORTER shoot, he admitted his own wardrobe is more laid-back. "[It's] pretty minimal and I normally stick to jeans as that's what I'm most comfortable in, although these days I wear more suits as I've got to the age where I feel more comfortable in those. I love a bit of cashmere and silk in a suit fabric, and fit is very important. I'm not the bulkiest person so I need a slim cut that works on me. Burberry and Alexander McQueen make tailoring that fits me very well." Here, Mr Schumann models our favourite evening wear looks in some of Berlin's most louche yet charming interiors.