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Words by Mr T Cole Rachel
The scene is all too familiar: that early stage of the evening, about 9:30pm, when the guests aren't quite settled, the host is becoming increasingly anxious and the flow is not quite yet "go". Better to interrupt the inane chitchat by unleashing a floor-filling tune or two. Whether it's the Thin White Duke or Mr Stevie Wonder, we've selected some of our favourite dance floor fodder to get people into the party spirit.

"Someone Great"
LCD Soundsystem

Sounding like sparkly electro assembled by robots, "Someone Great" is an irresistible, six-minute slow-builder from New Jersey producer Mr James Murphy. Crank the dial up to 11 and absorb this contemporary dance music that appeals to both brain and body.
"Into the Groove"

There isn't much 1980s pop music that ages well, but this era-defining ditty by Madonna is as timeless as its subject matter - the wanton pursuit of a shameless good time. A fail-safe choice for die-hard fans and those who prefer to dance ironically.
"Modern Love"
David Bowie

One of the great chameleons of contemporary culture, Mr David Bowie never fails to move both hearts and feet. "Modern Love" sounds as fresh now as it did in 1983 - the perfect pop treatise on 20th century romance.
"I Wish"
Stevie Wonder

Mr Stevie Wonder has the ability to make everyone in the world feel truly funky - especially during the opening 30 seconds of this track. Push the play button and proceed to get down.
New Order

For a band with such a tragic past - the suicide of former collaborator Mr Ian Curtis in 1980 - it's amazing that New Order have produced such a rich catalogue of dance tracks. Coming from Manchester, a city steeped in musical history, certainly helped. This tune, originally recorded in 1982, is one of New Order's best.
"Paper Planes"

London-born Sri Lankan M.I.A. sealed her place in pop history when she recorded this classic song with producer Diplo, which samples The Clash's "Straight to Hell" and some gun shots, to irresistible effect.