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    Leather Weekend Bag by Maison Martin Margiela

    Made from supple yet hard-wearing leather, this roomy bag makes for an ideal gym buddy should your real-life work-out partner wimp out on you

    Leather And Suede Sneakers By Balenciaga

    While we wouldn't advise doing anything too strenuous in these sophisticated sneakers, they'll certainly make the walk home a stylish one

    Cashmere Crew-Neck sweatshirt by J.Crew

    Dove-grey, soft Italian cashmere certainly puts a little luxury into this ever-wearable sports classic

    Vintage Army Steel Watch by Timex x J.Crew

    Based on a 1940s Timex design, this military-inspired piece will make sure you get from the training session to the pub with drill sergeant punctuality

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    Leather Messenger Tote Bag by Ralph Lauren

    This messenger-tote hybrid has a deceptively capacious interior and can be worn across the body when you're on the go, or carried conventionally in the hand, making it a versatile choice

    Leather Wash Bag by Marc by Marc Jacobs

    As good for travelling as it is for taking to the gym, this handy leather bag is a winner in the style stakes too, while the wipe-clean interior means you can take (inevitable) toothpaste malfunctions in your stride

    6400 Series Brushed Steel Watch by Luminox

    If you want a watch that can be worn during training, look no further than Luminox; the company supplies the US Navy Seals, so this brushed steel timepiece is unlikely to be fazed by your post-work spinning class

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    Leather Weekend Bag by Yves Saint Laurent

    While not a typical track-side tool, we're relishing the prospect of rocking up to the athletics pitch with this louche grey leather holdall, complete with luggage tag in case anyone gets any wise ideas

    Kenyatta Canvas Wash Bag by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

    Why not add a little panache to your post-work-out prep by whipping out this wincingly cool canvas and leather wash bag?

    Slim-Fit Ribbed Cotton Vest by Dolce & Gabbana

    Option one: show off all your hard work with a bicep-boasting cotton vest. Option two: use it as an extra layer under a voluminous hooded sweatshirt and head off for a burger

    Supima Cotton-Blend Shorts by James Perse

    Made using a blend of super-soft Supima cotton, these shorts will feel just as good on the sofa as they will in the boxing ring

    Liquid Face Wash by Clinique

    Stop using whatever you happen to come across in the gym's soap dispensers and try washing off the remnants of your suffering with a product that's designed for your face

    Jersey Eau de Toilette by Chanel

    Named after the modern sports fabric Ms Coco Chanel was famously so fond of, this lavender- and vanilla-infused scent puts the "oo" into cool

    Sisleÿum for Men Anti-Age Global Revitalizer by Sisley

    Moisturising, anti-ageing, non-greasy and rather pleasing in form - there's nothing not to like about this do-it-all cream by French skincare pioneer Sisley

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    Charleroi Leather Weekend Bag by WANT Les Essentiels de la Vie

    A stylish statement whatever the context, this spacious leather holdall even has a removable canvas day bag inside it, which makes for an ideal gym kit compartment

    Zip-Up Hooded Sweater by Saturdays Surf NYC

    There's nothing like a swathe of cosy marl cotton to counteract the discomfort of a gruelling run. Thick and warm, this one is particularly welcoming

    Baron Cotton Pique Beach Towel by Orlebar Brown

    Skimpy towels looked wrong even on the chiselled abs of team Top Gun, so are best avoided if you overdid the calories during the festive season. Instead, wrap up in this bounteous bath towel

    Shampoo & Shower by Clarins Men

    Save yourself the hassle and the handful of taking two products into the showers with this wonderfully whiffy multi-use cleanser

    Body Moisture Spray by Clarins Men

    Quickly absorbed and ultra-light, this men-specific spray-on body moisturiser is the ideal fix for tired, itchy, worn-out skin

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    Henry Textured Nylon Bag by Mulberry

    Sporty and spacious, this nylon bag will hold all of your gym essentials and is smart enough to be seen with at the office too

    Washed Cotton Jersey Shorts by Marc by Marc Jacobs

    These versatile shorts can be worn during training or afterwards as part of your casual wardrobe, to keep the athletic vibes flowing

    250 Series Watch by Uniform Wares

    If exercise clears the mind, this minimalist watch will ensure your wrist looks equally clean and uncluttered, thanks to its understated, streamlined styling

    Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads Address Book by Smythson

    Whether you want to write down your work-out plans and stats, or detail the digits of a prospective conquest, do it in style in this little black book

    Moulding Cream by Pankhurst

    Inspired by Mr Steve McQueen in Bullitt, this moulding cream will lock short hair into the sharpest of styles, allowing for maximum results with minimum effort

    Active Body Wash by Lab Series

    Formulated with electrolytes, which are vital minerals the skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy in appearance, this richly foaming body wash is perfect for recharging and refreshing after strenuous exertions

    Styling Conditioner by Pankhurst

    Ideal for longer hair, this no-fuss conditioner nourishes your follicles (thanks to the wheat protein with which it is enriched) while giving a lush, healthy look and making hair easier to manage

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Photography by Mr John Lindquist | Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle
Words by Ms Jodie Harrison

It was the 1st-century Roman priest and theologian, St Jerome, who once declared, "A fat stomach never breeds fine thoughts." While we think this statement is a little harsh, it certainly made us put down our bumper bag of M&M's and reconsider that dozen box of Krispy Kremes, to schedule in a little gym time instead. Here, we present just some of the luxuries you can reward yourself with once the hard part is done with.