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Men of note
Words by Mr Tom M Ford
Formed in October 2009 and signed to Moshi Moshi Records (home to electronic indie legends Hot Chip), it didn't take long for this London-based duo to establish a likeable, sepia-tinged sound. The romantically involved pair are currently busy touring their evocative debut album Welcome to Condale, released in October last year and produced by Pulp bassist Mr Steve Mackey.

Kate Bush

"In a career full of great moments, this is a real highlight. It's all about a real-life person, Peter Reich, the son of Wilhelm, a once-respected, later-reviled psychologist who went from being a crony of Freud's to believing he could control the weather."
"Atoms For Peace (Four Tet remix)"
Thom Yorke

"I think Kieran Hebden is one of the most underrated figures in British electronica. I do wish he'd do more stuff with vocals, so this is perfect. The original production is great too but I just love the way Four Tet's records sound."
"Car Chase Terror"

"M83's 2005 album, Before the Dawn Heals Us, really gets me going. This track is super memorable - cars swish past and synths thrum in the distance as a young woman, clearly terrified, tells her child about a horrifying dream. 'He was right here; I felt his breath in my ear!' It's chilling and visceral."
"Elephant Talk"
King Crimson

"Nineteen eighties guitar wunderkind Adrian Belew left a session stint with Talking Heads to join these prog rock dinosaurs, overseeing their transformation into a sleek 1980s machine. Belew's guitar trumpets such as in this track, and his lyrics - which clearly show the influence of David Byrne - are hilarious."
"Touch The Hem Of His Garment"
Sam Cooke

"I love Sam Cooke's voice, and he never sounds more convincing than when he's singing gospel. I'm not a religious man but this makes me want to be; he makes the words come alive, which I think is the hallmark of a great singer. You're right there."

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