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Photographs by Mr John Lindquist | Styling by Ms Daisy Lowe
Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

Despite it being a particularly grey, slushy winter's day, a photographic studio in West London is shining brightly with the cheerful glow of long-time MR PORTER crush, model Ms Daisy Lowe, as she sifts through a rack of MR PORTER clothes. A favourite not only with us, but also with the likes of Playboy, Vogue, Agent Provocateur and Chanel - no one can seem to get enough of Ms Lowe's sultry looks.

Today Ms Lowe is not (just) a model, but also a stylist, and her stepfather, Supergrass drummer Mr Danny Goffey, is her model. "He used to dress insanely," the 22-year-old remarks from behind a heavy fringe of raven black hair. "He wore magician capes with massive hoods and psychedelic stuff. Now, he dresses like a country gent with a colourful twist. I guess that's because he has four kids now and doesn't hang out in the forest with travellers."

Mr Goffey, 37, grins at the memory and agrees. "When you approach 40, your style changes and as you have kids, you mellow out a little bit. I'm really into country tweeds as I live in Somerset now. But when I do dress up to go out, it's quite fun."

What do you think makes a man stylish?
Ms Lowe: I think a man that looks comfortable in his clothes looks stylish. That said, I like it when they have that fashion awareness. I like men in jewellery; not "bling" jewellery, but faded gold and silver. Other than that, I like a good beanie hat on a man, but baseball caps disgust me - they're so juvenile. If a man loves his baggy jeans and feels comfortable in them, he can wear them at any age, but I think that there's an age limit of 14 for baseball caps.
What about Jay-Z?
Ms Lowe: If you're a rapper you can get away with it.
What's the first thing you notice on a man?
Ms Lowe: Shoes, you can always judge a man by his shoes. I couldn't tell you what makes a bad pair of shoes, but if I saw them I would just know.
What menswear labels are you keen on?
Ms Lowe: I think that when it comes to the men in my life, Acne suits all of them. The Scandinavian look is one of my favourites. I like its clean lines that are manly, but with an original twist. Just look at Alexander Skarsgård.
What advice do you have for a man looking for an easy
work look?
Ms Lowe: Always have your staples - a beautifully cut grey or light-blue shirt, as well as some stripy shirts, worn with a nicely tailored suit jacket and some slim-cut trousers or jeans, depending on what the meeting is for.
Who is the best-dressed man from the past or present that you always think of as stylish?
Ms Lowe: If you want comfy and cool go for Kurt Cobain. If you want to do smart and sexy, look at the way Michael Caine dressed in Get Carter.