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Words by Mr Peter Henderson
"Our approach is to combine the ethos of the original 1970s Jean Machine - to supply high quality, well-fitting jeans with a relaxed attitude - with contemporary updates to the materials and cut"
Ms Chloe Lonsdale, founder, Jean.Machine

Jean Machine was the definitive UK denim store in the 1970s, with more than 100 branches in its heyday offering both its own line and a variety of other brands. Fondly remembered by Brits of a certain age, Jean Machine never made it to the new millennium. This year, however, Ms Chloe Lonsdale, daughter of the Jean Machine founder, has revived it as Jean.Machine, a premium denim line characterised by an understated approach to style. Drawing upon her experience as creative director of the renowned women's denim brand MiH, Ms Lonsdale works with the Jean.Machine team to deliver the ease and confidence of the original Jean Machine while providing straightforward, stylish clothes. We are excited to be the sole stockist of Jean.Machine for its debut season.