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Photography by Mr Michael Bodiam | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Benjamin Seidler

When punk rocker Mr Sid Vicious sang, "Bury me in my leather jacket, jeans and motorcycle boots," he alluded to the uniform of the recklessly confident. Boots have had connotations with hard work and potent masculinity for centuries and have always suggested a sense of strength and purpose. You'll never feel as bold and brave as when braced in leather boots - a popular item in the new season's collections - and here is an edit of styles to choose from as you stomp stylishly into 2012.


In 1965, a pair of rubber-soled boots saved Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards' life when he accidentally touched an unearthed microphone wire.

In 1967, deputy leader of the House of Lords, Lord Shackleton, allegedly returned from Aden, Yemen wearing a pair of locally made desert boots. He left for his next trip with orders from several government ministers, and thus the fashion for desert boots was reborn.

The Beatle boot is a tight-fitting, Cuban-heeled ankle boot with a sharp, pointed toe so named after being popularised by The Beatles.

Chelsea boots began life in the Victorian period as a form of riding boot before being adopted by mods, when they congregated in London's Chelsea neighbourhood in the 1960s.

Though commonly believed to have originated in Native America or Spain, the cowboy boot was influenced by a style famously worn by Field Marshal Arthur Wellesley, the Duke of Wellington.