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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
A musical chameleon with several aliases (most famously Audion), producer, DJ and pop artist Mr Matthew Dear knows the odd thing about what goes into making a great song. Since releasing his debut album in 2003, he has toured with and opened for the likes of Hot Chip and Interpol as well as remixing for countless achingly cool artists such as The Drums and The xx. On the eve of an international tour and with his "Headcage" EP out this week, the techno-pop musician tells us about the tracks he holds, er, dear.

"New Year's Eve"

"Since its release Tom Waits' latest album, Bad As Me, has been heavily played in my house. As soon as his songs start, you're thrust into the middle of a dense story already in motion. It's as if you've opened a door onto a dimly lit ancient scenario that was going on with or without you being there."
"Love is Blindness"

"Achtung Baby captures a timeless, provocative world. It is by far one of my favourite rock albums of all time. This track echoes some woeful lust laden love."
"All the Tired Horses"

"'All the tired horses in the sun. How am I supposed to get any ridin' done?' This lyric, sung by a small group of female vocalists, repeats throughout the song. It is pure and simple, glorious music."
"Brand New Companion"
Townes Van Zandt

"While I hear there is quite a bit of Townes' unreleased material out there being safely guarded, I still haven't tired of everything you can readily find. His songs are dense, wrapped in poetic layers, and I learn something new with every listen. This track is an inspirational blues number."
"A Pause For Reflection"
Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross

"Listening to their soundtracks is like listening to an organism, expanding and contracting with every heaving breath. It's almost as if they have built a sound laboratory, and listening to it is an amazing experience. There is a beautiful process at play here."