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Photography by Mr Simon Vinall

Flick through pictures by the late American photographer Mr Slim Aarons, who spent an indecent amount of time photographing "attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places", as he put it, and you will instantly be struck by the colours: not just those adorning the palatial sitting rooms and carefully-manicured gardens, but those worn by the hosts and hostesses themselves. America in the Sixties and Seventies - Mr Aarons' pictorial heyday - was especially conducive to celebration and ornamentation, but the men in particular managed to mix things up by adding stylish splashes of colour here and there to their otherwise conservative attire. And it worked.

We think today there's a strong case for revisiting that approach: it adds a retro, upbeat vibe to what we guess will be a mostly blue and khaki-based wardrobe you've picked out for this spring. Obviously, we don't suggest you pile all the colours on at once (nobody wants to look like Coco the Clown); but when you're in the mood - even if it's just a Comme des Garçons wallet or a brightly-coloured polo - you'll be surprised how good a vibrant hue can make you feel.


Mr and Mrs Harry Loy Anderson Jr out on their bike in Palm Beach, Florida, 1970
Major H Stanley Cayzer and his granddaughter, Miss Illustrisima Dona Caroline Puell de la Villa y de Holguin of Spain (phew!), Florida, 1983
The actor Mr Yul Brynner (Kojak) with his wife, Ms Doris Kleiner, overlooking the Nassau Channel, Bahamas, 1964
Mr and Mrs Donald Leas relaxing with their two pet dogs and Rolls Royce outside the Flagler Museum in Palm Beach, Florida, 1968
The restaurateur and citrus grower Mr Peter Pulitzer on the patio of his home in Palm Beach, Florida, 1968
English society photographer Lord Lichfield in Porto Ercole, Italy, 1968
Mr Jim Kimberly, Kleenex heir and former Honourary Consul to Jordan, with his wife at Lake Worth, Florida, 1968


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