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"Where is My Mind"
Sunday Girl
Film by Mr Billy Ballard | Styling by Ms Sophie Hardcastle
Words by Mr Tom M Ford

Whether it's creating feisty, synth-heavy hits, adorning the front rows of fashion week or DJing at hip London hang-outs - Ms Jade Williams' hectic lifestyle seems to belie her placid moniker. "I got the name working a Sunday job at a pet shop during college. It's not after the Blondie song," she explains. Having worked with top producers Diplo and Ms Kylie Minogue favourite Mr Jim Eliot, last year saw the 24-year-old British singer/songwriter support French DJ Mr Martin Solveig on an Australian tour, blog for Vogue at Paris Fashion Week, and collaborate on a clothing line. Here, Ms Williams reveals her top five tracks and takes to the stage for MR PORTER's first anniversary with an exclusive song.

"Love Me"

"Stooshe are an insane three-piece girl band, like TLC or something. They feature on this year's BBC Sound list. Their songs are so naughty and this track is a great example of that."
"Born to Die"
Lana Del Rey

"There is loads of controversy around Lana Del Rey - there are lovers and haters - but I think she's brilliant. Everybody wishes they'd come up with the concept for that video. It annoys me when people say she's manufactured; so she may have a bit of collagen in her lips, she writes all her own songs and she's a true talent."
"Mama do the Hump"
Rizzle Kicks

"I love Rizzle Kicks as they do all their own videos and it comes across very authentically. Their new video for this track has James Corden in it doing their dance. Brilliant."
"Somebody That I Used to Know"

"This song gets stuck in your head. I find myself singing it at the top of my voice whenever it comes on the radio."
"Big in Japan"
Martin Solveig

"Martin Solveig is a genius and the nicest man ever! Every song on his new album, Smash, is a hit. 'Big in Japan' is so fun."
What are your plans for this year?
In terms of my album, it's been quite a long process. I just want to take a while to fully pin down the Sunday Girl sound and get the tracks right. I'm also concentrating on my DJing. My friend Zara and I have a residency at the W Hotel in London and we've just started a new club night together. We'll be taking shots of people and uploading them onto our website, like the street style blogs.
Which artists have inspired you?
Peggy Lee was a massive inspiration when I was younger. I used to be in a band that did 1940s stuff, with a guy playing the ukulele and someone on double bass.
If someone found your iPod what would they discover about you?
They'd discover an unpretentious girl at heart. Lots of old-school Destiny's Child and NERD. I have so much Elvis too; my dad used to listen to him all the time.
What's the best present you've ever received?
I have loads of taxidermy, and this year for my birthday my boyfriend bought me a big swan. He was going to buy me membership to Shoreditch House, but I insisted on the swan! I found it on eBay.
Describe your perfect date.
If it's going to be a first date, I think it's got to be something to distract you, in case the conversation gets bad. The zoo is a safe bet. I once went on a date with a guy who invited me onto a rowing boat. I turned up and he was drunk so it was a nightmare. I couldn't escape.
How important is it for a man to dress well?
It's very important, if I'm going to be attracted to someone. The older I've got, the more obsessed I am with formalwear. I love shirts and tailoring on a man. My boyfriend wears really skinny suits and tiepins.
Who in the public eye do you think dresses well?
Mark Ronson always looks cool. He's got that tailored thing with a dark twist - he's perpetually smart.

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