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    Henry Textured Nylon Bag by Mulberry

    Sporty and spacious, this nylon bag will hold all of your gym essentials and is smart enough to be seen with at the office too

    Washed Cotton Jersey Shorts by Marc by Marc Jacobs

    These versatile shorts can be worn during training or afterwards as part of your casual wardrobe, to keep the athletic vibes flowing

    250 Series Watch by Uniform Wares

    If exercise clears the mind, this minimalist watch will ensure your wrist looks equally clean and uncluttered, thanks to its understated, streamlined styling

    Blondes, Brunettes And Redheads Address Book by Smythson

    Whether you want to write down your work-out plans and stats, or detail the digits of a prospective conquest, do it in style in this little black book

    Moulding Cream by Pankhurst

    Inspired by Mr Steve McQueen in Bullitt, this moulding cream will lock short hair into the sharpest of styles, allowing for maximum results with minimum effort

    Active Body Wash by Lab Series

    Formulated with electrolytes, which are vital minerals the skin needs to stay hydrated and healthy in appearance, this richly foaming body wash is perfect for recharging and refreshing after strenuous exertions

    Styling Conditioner by Pankhurst

    Ideal for longer hair, this no-fuss conditioner nourishes your follicles (thanks to the wheat protein with which it is enriched) while giving a lush, healthy look and making hair easier to manage

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Photography by Mr Simon Vinall | Styling by Mr Scott Stephenson
Words by Mr Peter Henderson

The pocket square was an easy choice to help mark our first anniversary, not just because of its masculine elegance but because it has seen a recent resurgence, having returned after a period when it had fallen by the wayside. Its return to favour reflects the same contemporary attitude in men's style - classic yet modern, confident but never ostentatious - that we have sought to embody over our first year. Limited in quantity to 50 by each designer, these pocket squares express a diversity of styles: the yellow silk design by Drake's speaks of classic refinement, while Alexander Olch's plaid wool version is rakish and unconventional. Also participating in the project are Band of Outsiders, Horiyoshi the Third, Jean Shop, Oliver Spencer, Our Legacy, Richard James, The Elder Statesman and YMC.

See all the pocket square designs in detail below and click through the gallery above to see a few folding suggestions.

Pocket Squares - The Collection

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