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Words by Mr Peter Henderson
"The look is sophisticated, yet light, conservative but playful... our aim is to put a high-quality garment on your back, which will hopefully stay in your closet for a very long time"
Mr Christopher Nying, co-founder, Our Legacy

Although the labels in Our Legacy's garments read "1980-81", the firm was actually established seven years ago in Stockholm. The dates refer to the years of birth of the two founders, Mr Christopher Nying and Mr Jockum Hallin, as well as hinting at the brand's vintage sensibility. Our Legacy started as a line of T-shirts, before the designers showed their first full collection in 2008. The look is part preppy, part utility, and revolves around the concept of wardrobe staples which are never over-designed, so they will not go out of fashion or over-shadow the wearer's personality. "We look at a garment as a product that you fill with your own cultural and personal values," Mr Hallin explains.

From vintage Armani to punk, by way of art, film and literature, the influences behind Our Legacy are diverse and varied: "a sort of personal mix tape" is how Mr Hallin describes the references which lie behind the clothes. This season, the designers were inspired by the polished-yet-relaxed style of "1950s expressionist authors and artists", while their enduring interest in African colonial style manifests itself in the prints and dusty Saharan colours.

Although the duo does not aim to create collections which are distinctly Scandinavian, they are undeniably part of the new wave of cool Nordic brands that have taken the fashion world by storm over the past few years. Swedish architecture and product design has long been world-renowned, and it's not difficult to see some of the qualities which have made it famous, from clean lines to unpretentious authenticity, mirrored in Our Legacy's clothes. "It's important to be spontaneous, and listen to yourself," Mr Nying concludes. "Don't think too much about what other people are doing and how it might affect you. We don't set out to do a certain style, it just happens."