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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
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With a raw, intimate sound and predilection for delicate piano melodies, it's rather pleasing that solo artist Mr Mike Hadreas has treated us to another instalment of his melancholic music. Second album Put Your Back N 2 It received strong critical acclaim when it was released last month on Matador, a label the urchin-like 30-year-old shares with New York rockers Interpol. As he prepares for a tour of the US and Europe, Mr Hadreas provides us with five poignant picks.

"Oh Sister"
Bob Dylan

"This is the song I am always trying to write. It rolls out so easily, but is almost scientific in how perfectly each word is placed."
"Only Skin"
Joanna Newsom

"It is around 15 minutes long and can turn a dishwashing experience into a light epic. Alternatively, you can lay flat on your face and weep your way through it. She is a total wizard. Her lyrics written out would be important on their own."
Liz Phair

"I remember putting this on as a pre-teen and sitting on my water bed in shock. I lived in constant fear of my sexuality and to hear a woman lay hers down with no apology was truly scary and inspirational."
"For Your Precious Love"
Otis Redding

"How can I even say anything? I feel disrespectful attempting to do so. He is telling the truth, you just listen and nod your head."
The Amps

"From the album of the same name, this is one of the few CDs I had in my first apartment in the city. I still feel kind of drunk when I listen to it."

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