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Photography by Mr Kalle Gustafsson | Styling by Mr Tony Cook
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Mad Men, the cult television show set in the world of a 1960s-era New York advertising agency, is back. Since it first aired in 2007 the show has inspired more column inches in praise of its style than any series for a generation, and it still has much to teach men who want their professional wardrobe to make the right kind of impression.

The paradox behind this kind of style is that while it is palpably hard won - it is the polar opposite of sprezzatura - it's also pretty minimal. This is what sets such a good example for men thinking about a working wardrobe. The colour palette is limited almost to the point of being monochrome, the patterns are restrained, and the cuts are contemporary but in a grown-up way - think slim rather than skinny lapels, lean rather than tight jackets and neat rather than tight trousers. This is not a look that's achieved with a surfeit of accessories, but with close attention to detail. As we're talking about timeless style, and first-class quality, the twin investments of time and money will be re-paid.

One word of advice - you might succeed in capturing Don Draper's style, you might gain his masterful way with clients, but not even these achievements will win you the right to speak to the secretaries the way he does. Or drink whiskey in the office.

Shot on location at the new London hotel, 45 Park Lane.