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Photography by VanMossevelde+N | Styling by Mr Mark Anthony
Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

It's the way that a man dresses in his own time that says the most about his style. So, it's worth re-appraising your holiday wardrobe, particularly if you're going away with someone that you want to impress. In this shoot 29-year-old Italian actor Mr Angelo Di Genio demonstrates, on the edge of Italy's Lake Como, how to reconcile relaxation with dressing up.

The actor is currently starring as Dakin in an Italian production of The History Boys (it's the role played by Mr Dominic Cooper in the movie). Born in Gallarate, in the north of Italy, Mr Di Genio is also celebrating having won two UBU prizes (Italy's most prestigious acting awards): the production won Play of the Year, and he won Best Actor Under Thirty. Dressing up comes naturally to Mr Di Genio who, despite claiming that he likes to be casual also says that his favourite garments are shirts, ties and double-breasted jackets.

Mr Di Genio's sense of style is all about enjoying the elegance and expression of tailored clothes, in places where they're appropriate and around people who will appreciate them. That's why, if you take a leaf out of Mr Di Genio's book when you're travelling, you're likely to find that the reception you get when you arrive at the hotel is a little warmer than usual, and that the table you're given in restaurants is a little better positioned. But then dressing well has always opened doors, both metaphorically and literally.