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Words by Mr Mansel Fletcher

Each season, MR PORTER picks the dozen style icons who between them capture the mood and look of the clothes about which we're most excited. As such there's a variety of styles on display, from the Gallic Bohemia of French actor Mr Louis Garrel to the exuberant tailoring of the late boxer Mr Joe Frazier, all of which are relevant this season. Each of these icons has something to teach us - Mr Truman Capote deftly balances the impact of his bold red trousers with a navy blue shirt, Mr Ryan Gosling demonstrates the power of a crisp smart-casual look, Sir Michael Caine proves that a man never looks better than when in a suit, while Messrs Paul Simonon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt remind us why denim is integral to the concept of youthful languor. Between them this dapper dozen provide all the clues a man needs to dress well this season, whatever the occasion.