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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
Whether you're driving a Cadillac down Highway 1 or travelling on a Trans-Siberian train, any great road trip or excursion requires the perfect playlist. Fresh from scoring the music for the much-anticipated movie adaptation of Mr Jack Kerouac's On the Road, we tasked Academy Award-winning Argentine film composer Mr Gustavo Santaolalla with providing the 10 tracks he travels to. "My choices relate to different aspects of what it is to get on the road. Some of these tunes energise me, others will inspire me and others make me wonder about what's ahead. All are part of a vast repertoire that I always take with me when I travel."

"Across the Universe"
the beatles

"Such fantastic lyrics: 'Jai guru deva om/ Nothing's gonna change my world...'"
Cyril Pahinui

"I love Hawaiian slack key guitar music and I'm a huge fan of the late Gabby Pahinui and his son Cyril."
"Babylon Sisters"
Steely Dan

"A truly evocative song from the 1970s American rock band. It feels free and fun. Perfect for a long drive."
"Like a Rolling Stone"
Bob Dylan

"Bob is a legend and this is a classic. The lyric 'No direction home' encapsulates losing yourself in a trip."
"To Ohio"
The Low Anthem

"A lovely, nostalgic ode to Ohio, but the lyrics can apply to any other place in the world. Simply tailor to your personal destination."
"Yip Roc Heresy "
Slim Gaillard

"Neal Cassady and Jack Kerouac loved Slim Gaillard and so do I. This has more poignancy with the work I've just completed."
"Little Floater"

"'I'm in love with an automobile and I know it's in love with me.' This is a fast-paced, upbeat track, undeniably apt for driving."
"Space Walk"
Lemon Jelly

"Sampling astronaut dialogue, and with a floaty, expansive sound, this song takes you to another place."
"Lift Me Up"
Jeff Lynne

"This song has that exact effect, and we all know how much we need a lift sometimes. We must get on with life."
"Los Ejes De Mi Carreta"
Atahualpa Yupanqui

"Stunning classical guitar work makes this a favourite. There is a morose element to the vocals which provides a reflective effect."

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