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Film by Mr Aaron Christian

Asked to sum up Grenson's philosophy, the owner and creative director Mr Tim Little says, "I like to think we get the balance right between a modern aesthetic but using all of the heritage and history of the company and bringing the two together," and in doing so he reveals why Grenson is one of our favourite footwear brands. The firm's shoes take classic design cues, but are undeniably contemporary thanks to their streamlined proportions, while the quality and craftsmanship of each pair is almost legendary. Grenson was founded in 1866, and the firm has operated out of the same premises in Northampton (long the centre of British shoemaking) since 1895. Many of the current employees are descendants of the factory's original workers, while the production method has changed little since the Victorian era. It takes at least three weeks, and around 250 separate operations, to manufacture a pair of Grenson shoes, evidence of the love and attention which goes into the process. Find out more by watching the video above.