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Words by Mr Tom M Ford
"Don't Stop"
Since their Grammy nominated track "Pumped Up Kicks" went viral (currently just over 75 million YouTube hits) in early 2010, LA indie pop group Foster the People have experienced considerable success. The subsequent debut album Torches was a resounding triumph and the band now find themselves on the eve of a world tour. Currently finessing remixes for the likes of Little Dragon and Lana Del Rey, and with work on a sophomore LP imminent, we spoke to band founder Mr Mark Foster about the tracks that spur his imagination.

"God Only Knows"
The Beach Boys

"Every time I listen to this song it makes me want to quit writing music because it's so good. You just sink into your chair and feel like hugging somebody. It's so accessible on the first listen but at the same time very complicated."
"I am the Walrus"
The Beatles

"This is one of the most creative songs I've ever heard. There are so many layers; I always find something new. If you could read this as a poem written down it would be just as effective."
"Rock The Casbah"
The Clash

"It's one of those songs that if it were played on the radio now it would still sound modern and fresh. Any time it comes on there's a party. I heard recently that the drummer Topper Headon, who got kicked out of the band, actually wrote this."
"Perfect Kiss"
new order

"It's my favourite New Order song. I love how they experimented with drum machines so early on. There's something so endearing about Bernard Sumner's voice, too. Every time he sings you feel as if you know him."
"Mr Blue Sky"

"It's a pop masterpiece. I love listening to all the different things that Jeff Lynne did with all the instrumentation and how he mixed it. Musically, it's very intelligent and yet it's still simple enough for a six year old to hear it once and get it."

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