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Words by Mr Robert Johnston

Despite the fact that computers, phones, answering machines, televisions, radios, wrinkles and girlfriends all constantly remind us of the hour, we men still prefer to check in with old Father Time via the medium of a watch - preferably one of the expensive Swiss-made variety.

There is something comforting about the knowledge that somewhere, high on an Alpine mountain, an army of nimble-fingered craftsman have worked slavishly in air-locked, dust-free rooms constructing the thousands of near-invisible components into a form of mechanical mastery.

And gone are the days when one watch was enough. Today the idea is to build a collection, much like you would with wines, art and automobiles (if you're lucky). It's about sourcing a future classic. Here are the ten watches that would look good on any wrist, be at home in any collection and, with a bit of luck, also turn out to be a great investment.